Womad Festival - Globelet Case Study

WOMAD FESTIVAL and Globelet proved that a festival can eliminate disposable cups with the introduction of reusable cups. Womad was the first festival to introduce our Globelet Mini. It is great for wine at music festivals, or as a Beer Festival Cup. 

All Globelet's are sold for $2. Womad does not introduce a deposit system, but with the help of Kim from Beyond The Bin to sort through waste, they are still able to divert over 50,000 cups from landfill. 

"Reusable is cool, waste is not," Herlihy says. "Our Zero Waste programme has moved to another level." - Chris Herihy, Womad Director.


  • Founded: 2004

  • Globelet: 3 year

  • Location: New Plymouth

  • Attendees: 22,000

  • Globelet's used: 25,000


  • Plastic Cups: 55,000 /yr*


 Womad Festival with All Blacks Globelet Mini
Globelet Mini Womad Festival
Womad and Havianas Womad Mini Flying
Globelet Mini Womad Festival
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