WHY TURN? The world needed a solution. TURN created one.

Single-use plastics pollute every corner of the globe. People are demanding change, but until TURN came along, there was no scalable solution for events and businesses

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The Turn Solution

Explore our proprietary reuse system designed by global leaders Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

TURN’s sustainable and scalable solution to displace single-use plastic combines systems thinking with the principle of circularity. Systems thinking considers the bigger picture of how system components fit together; circularity minimizes waste through closed loop production. TURN’s system revolves around four components—smart cups, smart bins, smart software, and smart washers–which fit together in one beautiful, waste eliminating circle. 


01. Smart Cups

Our patented smart cups are fitted with digital tracking technology and come in all shapes and sizes. Built from recycled polypropylene, aluminum, or stainless steel, they can be reused up to 120 times.

02. Smart Bins

Just as important as our cups is our technology for ensuring they are reTURNed for reuse. Our patented collection bins utilize smart technology to incentivize reTURNs and allow for quick, efficient, and safe dispensing.

03. Smart Software

Smart software is a key part of TURN’s beautifully circular system. Our enterprise API lets venues keep track of bin collections in real time and our consumer app rewards users for reTURNing cups. 

04. Smart Washers

The TURN system wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t do the washing up. Our patented smart washer is 500% more efficient than alternatives and can be transported to venues for mass on-site cleaning.

Fact: Only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled.

Who uses turn

Over 3,000 customers trust TURN. Our systems cater to events like music festivals and sporting competitions, and for businesses like cinemas, airports, and stadiums. TURN’s customizable smart system provides unique branding opportunities for any business wanting to join the reTURNable revolution.

  • Backed by the music industry

    TURN is backed by highly regarded tech investment firm Sound Ventures, under their new sustainability vehicle SOUNDWaves. We benefit from the direct guidance of General Partners Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary.

  • Bjarke Ingels Group

    To meet the demands of the future, we partnered with the very best. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has overseen our conceptual design and engineering to turn our next age system components into a material reality. From drink vessels to recapture bins and transportable washing systems, their human-centered design expertise has produced hardware of unmatched quality.

  • Most innovative REuse company 2021

    Forget the Oscars. TURN received a nomination for Most Innovative Reuse Company at the 2021 Reusies. Celebrating pioneers, trail-blazers, and game-changing innovators in the reuse space, the Reusies are all about shining a light on alternatives to throw-away culture. 

  • AB Inbev

    AB InBev dreams of being the world’s best beer company. TURN was selected by AB InBev to join their 100+ Accelerator Program, which identifies partners to deliver breakthrough advances in the sustainability challenges facing the firm. Our coveted partnership with AB InBev focuses on circular solutions to eliminate single-use plastic from across their entire portfolio.