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Explore our proprietary reuse system designed by global leaders Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

We believe reTURNable must replace disposable

TURN’s smart bins are not your average trash cans. Fitted with digital technology that recognizes TURN cups and rejects unwanted trash, bins connect remotely to TURN’s API, enabling them to alert venue staff whenever they need emptying. This operator-friendly design is part of TURN’s ethos of focussing on practical solutions to sustainability challenges. As system designer Bjarke Ingels put it, “Sustainability can’t be some sort of moral sacrifice or political dilemma or philanthropic cause. It has to be a design challenge.”

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explore our smart bin collection system

  • Reusable items are collected and returned to our smart bins

    A flashing light on top of each smart bin tells consumers or venue staff where to place the cup. A digital scanner recognizes the cup and automatically opens the entry slot - or stays shut if the cup isn’t one of TURN’s.

  • Cups are sorted and stacked into bin bags by “smart mechanics”

    Using robotic arms (aka “smart mechanics”), bins automatically stack dirty cups in reusable transportation bags. Each bin fits three bags that individually hold up to 500 reusable cups.

  • Items can be collected and washed without touching dirty cups

    An insert inside each bag separates the stacks of cups. The insert can be removed without touching the cups inside, so venue staff never have to get their hands dirty.

  • Cups are transported to the washer, where they’re cleaned, dried, and recirculated

    Bin bags are fitted with straps like a backpack for easy transportation. Venue staff can carry up to two bags at once.

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Our bins fit perfectly in settings ranging from music festivals and sports matches to stadiums, airports, and cinemas. Enquire below to find out more.

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We believe reTURNable must replace disposable

Smart bins provide plenty of surface area for enterprise co-branding in high traffic, public spaces. TURN’s system provides highly visible and measurable sustainability benefits, so co-branding any part of the system offers a unique opportunity for enterprises to demonstrate their commitment to circularity and the elimination of single-use plastic. The simplest way for enterprises to get their message across on bins is to wrap the external panels. TURN can help with the details.

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