What your event would look like without 100k plastic cups on the ground

The US economy wastes over 100 million dollars in value from the disposal of single-use plastics every year. So why are we still seeing venues waste massive amounts of money on single-use plastic cups? 

Here’s what events would look like with disposable vs reusable cups:


Festival Trash

Source: https://edmmaniac.com/picking-up-trash-music-festival/


  • Single-use plastic cups littering the ground. 

  • Negative PR from plastic waste. 

  • Missed marketing opportunity from unbranded cups. 

Globelet Reusable Cups

  • Single-use plastic free. 

  • Enhanced and more personalized experience for attendees. 

  • Cost savings on waste management.

  • Marketing brand in positive light with branded cups.

  • Positive PR on your company’s sustainability efforts.

  • End-to-end service including cup delivery, pick, and washing – along with cup organizations systems for your staff.



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