TURN and NASCAR Team Up: A Sustainable Daytona 500

NASCAR Shifts Gears Towards Sustainability with TURN at the Daytona 500

Ready, set, TURN with Nascar! This year's iconic Daytona 500 race made a significant pit stop for the environment with a successful pilot project in collaboration with TURN.

NASCAR and TURN Teamed Up to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic at the Biggest Race of the Year

The partnership focused on eliminating single-use plastic at the Daytona 500, achieving an impressive 96% return rate for reusable alternatives. This initiative marks a major milestone for embracing sustainable practices within major sporting events, and we're thrilled to see the positive impact on the environment.


What This Means:

  • Reduced Plastic Waste: The collaboration significantly reduced single-use plastic at the track, leading to less CO2 emissions and waste ending up in landfills. This directly benefits the environment by minimizing plastic pollution.

  • A Powerful Statement for Sustainability: The partnership sends a powerful message about the importance of sustainability in all aspects of life, proving that eco-friendly practices can be implemented even in high-energy environments like racing.

  • Inspiring Change: By showcasing the success of this project, TURN aims to inspire race attendees and beyond to embrace reusability in their daily lives. This can lead to a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Looking Ahead:

The success of the Daytona 500 pilot project paves the way for a future where sustainability becomes the norm in major sporting events.  TURN is excited to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations like NASCAR to encourage a shift towards a more sustainable future, one reusable cup at a time.

Ready to join the movement?  Learn more about TURN's reusable cup solutions and how you can make a difference!



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