New Zealand Washhub: Top Tier Washing System

Written by Jack Charewicz 

TURN reusable cups TURN washing system

Recently upgrading our washing equipment in our Penrose washing Facility in Auckland, New Zealand, we have ramped up our machinery for scale and mass volumes. Our Machinery Engineer, Tom Beaton, designed a system capable of drying 5000 cups per hour at 90 degrees, leaving cups completely moisture free. 

Washtec in New Zealand has also created a specially designed washer that targets each cup with the right stream of 80-degree water to sanitize and remove any dirt or residue left on the cup. With the ever-growing market within New Zealand, this allows us to really scale the New Zealand business, taking on more stadiums, festivals, arenas, and with luck, an airline or two.

TURN washing system

Not only do our washing and drying systems create a fast process, but they also use minimal water. Washing with Biodegradable Chemicals through Greenline ensures we aren’t putting any toxic waste into waterways while providing a safer solution for our washing staff.

Overall, TURN has the most innovative and advanced washing system technology in the industry, allowing us to wash 25,000+ cups per day - that’s a lot of cups!

Cups are put on the starting conveyor belt and are carried through the whole washing and drying process automatically, and once they have completed this process, they come out the other end clean, sanitized, and dry.

In Australia, we have partnered with Orana, an organization that creates opportunities for people with disabilities to live and work in their community, who wash, dry, pack, receive and send all of our cups within Australia (including those Bonza cups you all love to see). We will also look to roll out a sustainability program within Orana, teaching and training their staff on their work's impact on the environment around us. We are humbled and grateful to work with such a great organization like Orana.

Overall we need our washing designed for scale to work with the companies we partner with and provide and offer resources for as many festivals, stadiums, and airlines as we do now.

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