Make More Money and Go Disposable Plastic Free

Make More Money

The world's first reusable bottle of water

Events make a lot of money from selling bottled water. Yet more and more events have now decided to go disposable bottle free


With globelet, they can go disposable free while still selling chilled water from the means no waste and more money


Making Money

We redesigned the bottle. Made out of a reusable BPA Free plastic, it is both dishwasher safe and durable. We than fill them with some of the world's best water. Welcome to the world's first bottle of water that is actually good for the world. We love it, and so will you.




Making Money

Make your event instantly sustainable – Lets face it, events make a lot of money of selling water. With Globelet, nothing changes, except the fact you are selling reusable bottles, chilled out of the fridge. As it is a reusable bottle customers are willing to pay more for the same bottle of water and no bottles will be found in your waste stream or lying on the ground.





Making Money

Never see a crushed disposable bottle on the ground. Since the bottles are so darn durable and sexy, customers will won't throw them in the bin or on the ground. This will save you money on waste management clean up as well as make your event stay clean and green.






Making Money

Customise your bottle and make it a long lasting momento. We can customise them in any color you like and with your own special design. Build something people will keep, and use and promote across the world.



Making Money
Making Money


We have access to some of the world's best water machines. Every time a bottle is filled it is tracked and counted. The machines can be branded with your event design or sold as another sponsorship platform. Durable and light.

Womad Festival NZ - Case Study

Many said you could never hold a large, multi-day music festival without using disposable water bottles. The festival would lose to much money. Womad Festival and Globelet proved the naysayers wrong. The decision to go disposable cup free was a major success. Over 3000 bottles stopped a normal 15,000 single use bottles from going to landfill Communication was necessary to ensure that festival goers, musicians and staff still had easy access to water and drinking containers. Womad, with the help of Globelet, continues to create the model of a truly sustainable, disposable-free festival. We are proud to work alongside them, now in our 3rd year as a partner

• Founded: 2004
• Globelet: 3 years
• Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki
• Attendees: 15,000
• Globelets used: 20,000
• Globelet Bottles used: 10,000
• Globelet refills: 40,000 refills

• Plastic Cups: 70,000 /yr*
• Water Bottles: 15,000
*estimates based on event usage data, and cups sold

 Making Money Image Making Money Image Making Money Image
Making Money Image Making Money Image Making Money Image
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