Bonza day for TURN

By Jack Charewicz - Director of Australasia 

TURN reusable cups on flights

With TURN launching within Australasia this year, what better way to takecoff than in the sky with Bonza. We've partnered with Bonza airlines to provide TURN reusable cups for all beverages served in flight, coming in a very cool bright purple cup showcasing both brands.

Bonza will fly to 17 destinations in total, including 13 from its base on the Sunshine Coast, such as Cairns, Townsville, the Whitsunday coast, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, and Toowoomba Wellcamp in Queensland.

TURN reusable cups on flights

Bonza has leaned into “bogan” Australian culture and has a fleet of three Boeing 737 Max-8s named “Shazza, Bazza and Sheila.” No other Australian carrier operates the Max-8s, which are 20 per cent more fuel efficient.

The average airline passenger uses 1.4 kilograms of rubbish per flight, breaking nearly 5.7 million tonnes of rubbish into our waste streams each year, including single use cups, cutlery and food containers. 

TURN reusable cups on flights

Bonza is expected to hit 800,000 passengers by the end of this year , traveling to all remote and usually not accessible locations within Australia , including the amazing whitsundays. Given that Bonza is ‘here for Australia’ they are putting their green foot forward by choosing to reuse , not only reducing their carbon footprint , but also saving costs in the long run over time.

Going off the expected passenger number before the end of the year, TURN will help Bonza save close to 800,000 single-use plastic cups within their flights.

TURN reusable cups on flights

All TURN cups used inflight will be collected and sent to our washhub, recently partnering with Orana Disability Services, who create opportunities for people with disabilities to work within their local communities.

Each TURN cup will be washed in TURN's washing machinery, wrapped in biodegradable wrapping and sent back to Bonza to be flown all over Australia.,tons%20of%20trash%20per%20year.

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