Put a Dent in the Universe - Globelet 2.0

This is the first of our new monthly Globelet blog post. 

Apart from this post. I will be writing an update on Globelet, our missions, and what we are doing. 

I should have started this blog a long time a go, but I didn't, so today marks a magic day. 

Just over 3 years a go. My best friend, Hélène and I set up Globelet. Writing this brings tears to my eyes.

We have come a long way. 

I have just updated the Globelet website, created a new rental system, and I am now dreaming of even more ways that, with Globelet, we can dramatically reduce waste and get rid of disposable cups. 

This is my thanks to all the people who have helped make Globelet happen. I could never have made my dreams possible without you. 

My Parents, David Quin, Mason, Laurie Mains, Rapha (the dog), Raphaelle, Graham Rickard, Adam Gage, Ian Davis, John Snowball, Thomas Verbeek, Amanda Wright, Dave Watson, Sharon Mciver, Jonnie Halsted, and the many more who have given me a lending hand along the way. 

To you, I am so very very grateful. I only dreamed Globelet would get to where it is now. You are all who made it possible. 


-- The Globelet story -- 

In 2012 I meet a gorgeous girl who helped change my life. Helene Lompech. On a walk in the Milford sound, Helene said  "why don't your festivals have reusable cups, when you are such a green country". That day would mark the first day of our adventurous journey. 

We went on a mission and 3 months latter, we had our first client. The Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium. Thanks to, my now close friend, John Snowball, we had our first order for Globelets. 

But there was a catch. We needed a sponsor. After 1000 emails, countless "no's", I had almost given up and then suddently we found our guy. Someone who likes to make things happen. Ex All Black coach, Laurie Mains. 

Laurie sponsored our first ever Globelets. They went into the stadiums corporate lounges with his brand GJ Gardener Homes on the front. Thanks to Laurie and John, I now had the confidence to believe anything is possible. 

Our first ever Globelets

Our first ever Globlets

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