Five things that could change about in-person sporting events post-COVID

Stadiums and arenas filled with thousands of fans seems crazy to think about right now but eventually–whenever that may be– in-person sporting events and concerts will return. However, they’ll probably look a little different. 

Last week the Stadium Managers Association held a discussion about how COVID-19 will shape the fan experience at future stadium events. We decided to gather a list of possible changes that many in the industry foresee possibly happening at large, in-person events. 

1. Socially distanced (and very long) lines for entry, food, and concessions. Lines around the block could be the new norm. 

Image of people in a stadium

2. Temperature checks before entry into stadiums.  Heat detecting cameras or other health checks are being considered implemented at a large scale for all entrants into stadiums. 

3. Mask requirements.This one is probably a no-brainer but will become complicated with fans consuming food and drinking beers. 

Girl with a mask

4. Stadiums limited to less than usual capacity. We’ll likely have to get used to not being surrounded by other cheering fans in stands. 

5. Enhanced washing systems for stands, bathrooms, and reusables. Stadiums and arenas will have to rely on new technologies for washing and sanitizing. Globelet, a global leader in the reusable systems business, has a solution for this one with their state of the art washing machines specifically designed for reusable cups.

So what will end up happening? It’s hard to say, even according to those at the top of the industry: 

“We are not smart enough to know nor experienced enough to know what a post-pandemic landscape will look like for professional sports or specifically Major League Baseball and the operation of Fenway Park,” said Red Sox CEO and president Sam Kennedy. 

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